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Internship Series- Kamryn Pully

Kamryn Pully is currently a senior at Ferris State University pursuing a major in Business Management and a minor in International Business. This past summer, Kamryn completed his internship at Menards. Menards is a large chain of home improvement stores located throughout the midwest. Kamryn interned in the hardware department at the local store, shadowing a manager.

Kamryn found this opportunity on Indeed after searching for a different job. He already had management experience and wanted to see how a different store runs. He said the atmosphere at Menards was laidback and friendly. His responsibilities were quite straightforward; Kamryn managed a section of the store and kept up with different responsibilities such as customer satisfaction and reporting to the general manager. A normal day entailed creating a to-do list for upkeep, making sure everything was kept tidy, and checking that employees were keeping up on their training. Hardware is the second biggest department in the store so this was no easy task.

Overall, the biggest skills the internship required were customer service, patience, and persistence, especially when it came to sales. Beyond that, he majorly strengthened his communication skills. This related to inter-store communication, working with higher management, with customers, and with the corporate level managers.

In the end, Kamryn’s favorite thing about the internship was that he was somewhat given free rein. The internship was structured but still gave him the availability to take the initiative to visit different departments and learn from them.

AMA Ferris is excited for Kamryn and his success!

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