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Internship Series- Ashley Baker

Ashely Baker is a senior at Ferris State University majoring in Marketing and obtaining a minor in Digital Marketing. She is currently interning at Gordan Food Service as an Expanded Product Offering Intern. In her role she actively contributed to the enhancement of Gordon Food Service's Expanded Product Offering (EPO) program through her work on various projects centered around eCommerce information for current vendors. She played a key role in supporting the marketing efforts of the EPO program, collaborating closely with team members to gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of behind-the-scenes marketing operations. Her primary focus was in strategic marketing, where she strived to develop and implement effective strategies to drive business growth. Ashley made a difference by being able to help build the eCommerce content on the Gordon Ordering website to ensure vendors that are a part of this program have all the proper information submitted to be able to properly promote their products in their Drop Ship program. As well she got to help with the rebranding of this program as well. The EPO team is going from being known as the Expanded Product Offering team to the Orderve team. She has been helping create newsletters, source information for a rebranding photoshoot, and various other projects.

Her favorite part of his internship was to see what life is like everyday in the field she is going into. She got to see all the behind-the-scenes, sit in on meetings, work on the rebrand, and work closely with other teams. Ashley enjoyed getting to grow as a professional and feels very solid with her decision to go into corporate America as a marketer.

Takeaways Ashley has that she can use in her career going forward is she knows what she wants to do in her career thanks to Gordan Food Services help. They showed her that with a strong company, everyday work can be enjoyable and something to look forward too. GFS really put a lot of effort into their interns and she walked away with lots of Professional Development opportunities and returned to school this fall ready to graduate and move into the next stage of her life.

AMA Ferris is excited for Ashley in her success and we can't to see her take on the world!

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