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Dime Financial

Jared Prevost, former AMA Ferris Vice President, has founded his own financial coaching firm, Dime Financial.

“I launched Dime this past summer and really my mission is to give access to everyone to understand finance and be able to chase their dreams,” said Jared. “Without the financial aspect, it is really hard to get out there and chase those dreams.”

Jared said his inspiration for his financial coaching firm came from his peers.

“In the past couple of years, I have really gotten into personal finance, so I started talking about it all the time. I realized looking around at a lot of my friends on campus that, ‘Holy crap, they don’t know the financial mistakes they are making and how can I tell them that they are?’” said Jared. “I realized that there really isn’t a good place to go to learn this stuff. There are limited courses in college and next to nothing in high school, and I realized this is something I really love and can help people with.”

Jared said that his drive to help his friends do better financially is what created Dime’s mission of providing clients with simple, easy-to-understand financial coaching so that they may have the financial skills and know-how to chase their dreams and make their financial vision a reality.

Jared said that his time spent in quarantine was when his dream for Dime developed.

“I remember I was up and couldn’t sleep because I had this idea in my head,” said Jared. “I just knew I had to do this.”

When pondering how Jared began his business, he mentioned the difficulty in connecting his studies to reality.

“Business school teaches you how to be a great employee, but that’s not really helpful for starting your own business,” said Jared. “There was a lot of time spent thinking about a business model and how I was going to get this to work.”

Despite the time spent on development, Jared persevered and developed a consistent financial coaching plan. Jared started by offering his friends free financial advice in exchange for being his company’s guinea pigs.

Now, with a consistent and effective software program, website, and social media management, Dime is working towards making Jared’s own dreams come true.

Join us this Wednesday, February 24th, at 7:00 p.m. for our Finance Workshop that Jared is hosting! The link to the virtual meeting can be found on our Facebook page.

Written by Molly Gabrielson; Last edited February 22, 2021

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