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2020 Summer Internship Series

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Jared Prevost, former AMA Ferris Executive Vice President, worked this summer as a finance intern at the real estate development company, Veridea Group.

Through his position, Jared was able to gain hands-on experience in financial analysis and engineering. Jared was working directly with the company to make projections on new real estate investments.

Jared said this internship taught him how crucial career experience is. “This is where I learned why experience is so important,” Jared said. “I would say, ‘There are so many things that could lose us money on this deal,’ and my boss would say, ‘We’ve been doing this for decades. This project is going to work. You just have to trust it, even though the numbers aren’t all there.’”

Jared said his experience on the Executive Board in AMA helped prepare him for his finance internship. “Being in leadership overall I realized how many skills I gained,” Jared said. “This includes just basic stuff like strong communication, even through things like emails, presentation skills, the ability to portray yourself as a professional so that your work is taken seriously, and I think I gained all these skills from just being VP last year.”

Jared will be opening his own personal finance company called Dime Financial this year.​We wish Jared the best with all his future endeavors.

Written by Molly Gabrielson; Last updated February 14, 2021

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