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Nadia Greania - Job Placement

Nadia Greania, a senior at Ferris majoring in Marketing with a concentration in digital marketing and also pursuing a certificate in data analytics, has found an awesome position as a Marketing and Leasing Specialist at Vision Real Estate in the Venlo office. In Big Rapids, the company manages three apartment complexes, specifically Venlo Place Apartments, Northland Flats Apartments, and Tioga Park Riverfront Apartments. She actually found the position in a unique way; she was randomly drawn to win a prize during an event the complex put on and received a free semester of rent. The company asked her to send pictures for social media, and through those pictures recognized her marketing ability and asked if she was interested in a position at the company.

As a Marketing and Leasing Specialist, Nadia has a wide range of responsibilities. She manages leasing appointments, in which she markets the available options to interested potential renters and then helps them through the application process. She also sends out electronic leases and records and tracks resident information. She implements different marketing tactics, whether that means creating new merchandise designs or developing a social media strategy. One of her biggest accomplishments since working at Vision Real Estate has been developing a new system and spreadsheet to track occupancy rates and resident information, which is now used throughout the business and is essential to the office.

The work environment is comfortable and friendly, and she is lucky to work with great management that provides flexible scheduling and a tight-knit community. Vision Real Estate as a whole is much larger than just existing in Big Rapids and is originally based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company is full of nice people and puts on great corporate events, including company-wide Christmas parties and events.

This position requires several skills, including marketing experience and expertise, a creative and strategic mindset, and most of all an attention to detail. Nadia’s time with AMA has helped her in this position, providing her with the knowledge and experience she needed for Venlo to become more involved on campus. She is in a unique position and has the knowledge required to market to college students as the primary audience. Throughout this position, she has learned much more about the real estate industry than she ever thought she would as a person with a marketing degree.

Nadia’s favorite part of the job is the independence it provides. She is able to take on projects herself, which is different from most college classes and entry-level jobs in which everyone is working in a team or for someone. She is in her own position and is able to have her own projects. Throughout this, she still has people she can go to for guidance if needed, but still has her own space to do as she needs to.

AMA Ferris is excited for Nadia and her success!

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