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Where are they now?

Emily Charles, former AMA Ferris President, has just accepted a full time sales position with Trace3 out of Grand Rapids. She will be starting later this month and is so excited to start this next step in her life.

Emily said AMA helped her prepare for this position through all of the sales competitions she has competed in and learned from. Going to conferences and workshops has led Emily to feel fully prepared to begin her career and she believes that joining AMA is one of the best decisions she made during her entire time at Ferris.

One of Emily’s favorite AMA memories is the beach volleyball social, as well as traveling to New Orleans for the ICC every year and representing the Ferris State chapter being another fond memory.

Emily closed by saying her biggest piece of advice to anyone just starting college is to get involved on campus and join a club, sport, or group. Emily said getting involved on campus is one of the best things she has ever done and is how she made a lot of my friends, gained valuable experience, and made her time at Ferris so great!

Congratulations to Emily!

Written by Molly Gabrielson; Last edited March 8, 2021

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