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Jessica Osmun - Internship Series

Jessica Osmun, a senior at Ferris majoring in Digital Animation and Game Design, completed her internship this past summer with Think Chromatic. Think Chromatic is a design agency that creates marketing imagery for its clients. They work with graphic design, 3D Modeling, and other design methods. Jessica found this position through one of her professors. They recommended that she reach out to the owner, and it worked out naturally from there. The owner found her portfolio online and invited her in for an interview.

Over the summer, Jessica worked on a wide variety of projects. No two days were alike; some days were spent solely on one project, while others had her switching from one to another. The work environment was laidback and inviting. She worked four days a week in a small studio. Jessica noted that the company was nice and encouraged taking breaks, no doubt helping refresh creativity. It also allowed dogs in the office. The position required a wide range of technical skills, including working with 3D modeling software to Photoshop to other platforms. Jessica would create 3D models for products based off of specifications provided to the agency from the clients, and then adjusted the models from feedback. She also created and rendered light scenes for images in magazines and similar publications, as well as performing other various graphic design tasks.

This internship, like many others, required great communication and collaboration skills. Since she worked on several different projects, they were passed between workers and they needed to be able to clearly communicate what needed to be adjusted, what step they were on, and keep everything straight. Organization was particularly key in this situation. Throughout this internship, Jessica became much better at asking questions. The comfortable environment made it easy to learn and ask from people who had more experience and knowledge. She also became better at making suggestions, and was assured that her coworkers would take her seriously even though she was an intern. She also was able to create things faster by the end of the internship.

In the end, Jessica’s favorite part of the internship was working with a variety of clients and working on different types of projects. Since she worked on different things every day, the work was never dull.

AMA Ferris is excited for Jessica and her success!

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