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Internship Series - Andrew Bueche

Andrew Bueche, a Marketing major in his junior year, completed his internship this past summer at the Congregational Child Development Center. The CCDC is a daycare and latchkey facility for school-age children. Originally, Andrew got a job as an assistant teacher but recognized the opportunity for an internship with the Marketing team.

Over the summer, Andrew balanced both positions. As an assistant teacher, he was assigned to a school-age room and was able to set up an office and work on designs and marketing projects during class for his internship position. While convenient, it was also difficult to concentrate at times due to the loudness and busyness that comes with being in a classroom. An unexpected bonus came from the kids- they were always willing to be creative and talk, which helped Andrew generate ideas at times. His primary responsibilities as an intern were social media management, flyer designs, and other tasks as assigned.

This internship, first and foremost, called for great communication skills. Andrew needed to be able to communicate clearly with the Marketing director, parents, students, and the community. Throughout the internship, he feels that his communication skills majorly improved. The kids in his class forced him to be more assertive and communicate more clearly. He also created multiple designs and flyers for events and activities conducted by the school using Adobe Designer. One of his favorite projects he worked on was a virtual tour of the school, showcasing the CCDC. This was targeted towards parents and children who were nervous about coming in and not knowing what to expect. Andrew oversaw the entire project, conducting interviews, taking videos, and crafting the final video.

Overall, Andrew’s favorite part of the internship was going on field trips. These excursions helped him to take a large number of exciting pictures and videos, which worked great as promotional material on Facebook and other social media platforms.

AMA Ferris is excited for Andrew and his success!

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