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Amber Eckel, a senior working towards her Bachelors in Marketing with a minor in Advertising and a certificate in Digital Marketing, completed her internship with a Benchmark Mortgage B.A. Loan Officer known as the “Mortgage Marine.”

Eckel worked to create a social media campaign for the Mortgage Marine, who already had an established persona and market as a military veteran.

Eckel worked to develop social media posts with the “Mortgage Marine” persona to help grow their business. She mentioned that this was dependent on a lot of research done on a new market. Eckel admitted that while she had worked on marketing projects in classes on markets that they were more familiar with, a target market towards veterans, with a brand specific persona, was outside of her comfort zone.

Eckel successfully managed the Mortgage Marine’s social media campaign and had completed analysis on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

AMA Ferris is really excited for Amber and her success!

Written by Molly Gabrielson; Last edited March 15, 2021

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