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Andrew Bueche - November Member of the Month

Congratulations to AMA Ferris’ November Member of the Month, Andrew Bueche! Andrew is a Junior majoring in Marketing. He joined AMA at the beginning of this semester, quickly becoming involved. He “became a part of AMA because everyone shares a common interest.” He elaborated that it was a great opportunity to gain experience and grow in personal development, professional development, leadership, teamwork, communication, and networking.

Andrew has been extremely involved since he joined, attending multiple social events, workshops, volunteering events, and Case competition. He is also leading our Crimson Consulting team as the Director!

When asked his favorite part of AMA Ferris, he said it’d have to be “the traveling. My [Andrew’s] first trip was to Cedar Point, the place I always begged my family to visit. Personally, my goal for the trip was to ride every roller coaster!” Andrew also attended the business panel and basketball game with AMA at the Detroit Pistons. He was able to talk to the team’s marketing employees and receive some awesome feedback about career paths and the work they do each day. Commenting on the trips, Andrew stated that “both of these traveling events have made me closer with my AMA team and have helped me grow professionally.”

Outside of AMA, he is involved with networking within the campus and BR community.

Congratulations Andrew! We’re glad you’re a part of our chapter!

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