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Crimson Consulting is a team within AMA Ferris composed of students from a variety of majors and backgrounds to gain experience and improve our skills in a professional setting. Our goal is to help local business owners to be as successful as possible. We will look to expand your clientele, generate new ideas, improve customer experience, and increase visibility.

Past Clients

State Street Scoops - Big Rapids, Local Ice Cream Shop
Created branding elements, established positioning and differentiation, revised the menu, and conducted pricing market research
Brooks Security Systems - Baldwin
Created Brochures, a new website, and prepared a direct email/email marketing campaign
Ferris Risk Management and Insurance Program - Big Rapids
Created a marketing plan, prepared a direct email/email marketing campaign, designed a brochure and print advertisement for a high school teacher convention
Let's Play Family Entertainment Center
Conducted New Business Feasibility study and location study, designed new branding elements including logos, established positioning and differentiation
Ferris Music Entertainment Business Program - Big Rapids
Designed branding elements including logos and created social media messages
Ferris Marketing Department - Big Rapids
Developed mailing list and direct mail/email marketing campaign for the "Let's Go Marketing" game. Worked on database creation.
Reed City Methodist Church Winter Clothing Drive - Reed City
Created a print advertising campaign, distributed flyers in three counties
Other Clients- Big Rapids
   - Oiled Spoils


Marketing Plans & Marketing Research

Help with Social Media and Websites

Promotional and Sponsorship events

Branding or Rebranding

Developing and Placing Ads

Contact Blair Entenmann, Faculty Advisor, at

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